"Dr. Lee was so nice and spent the entire visit listening to me, explaining things thoroughly, and making sure I understood what was going on. She reviewed all of my records, not just the recent ones, to really get to the bottom of what was wrong. She is so genuinely excited about helping her patients and that is so uplifting to people like me who have had trouble getting other doctors to act like they care, and took the time to show me charts and photos of what was going on with me so I knew all the information. This was the best doctor visit I have ever had in my life, and I left feeling like she really cared and would help me get better. My experience was beyond expectations and Dr. Lee was excellent. It made me wish I could see her for all my ailments!"


“I had another very highly regarded endocrinologist for 12 years who never spent as much time or had as thoughtful and helpful suggestions about my health. I feel so grateful to have found my way to Dr. Do-Eun Lee. Excellent.”


“I am so glad I was able to see Dr. Lee for help managing my osteoporosis. I loved that her approach was always on the conservative side because I didn't want to take any medication that wasn't absolutely necessary. She understood my concerns and made her recommendations accordingly. Refreshing and much appreciated.”


“Dr. Lee is fantastic. She's sorted my thyroid medication and I've been feeling great ever since moving to her as my doctor. She's the best endocrinologist I've gone to. She listens.”


“Dr. Lee is am amazing physician! She is brilliant, kind, and takes time to listen to everything. She brought me out of adrenal crisis and is doing a great job managing my thyroid. I have had endo issues my entire life, and she is the first one to manage them efficiently!”


“Dr Do-Eun Lee is extremely knowledgeable and delightful. I always feel in good hands with her.”


“Dr Lee is personable and has helped me to be back within normal limits.”


“I truly love this Doctor! She is so very conscientious and thorough, takes time to ask about other aspects of your physical life. Your exercise level, diet, smoking, drinking etc. She also checks on all your current medications and takes it all into account for your health care. I am very impressed and pleased with the service.”


“Dr. Lee was the first doctor to actually look into my condition and get me real answers. She has worked with me to find ways to better manage my symptoms and improve my overall health. I haven't had test results as good as these since I was 12 years old and I give much of the credit for that to Dr. Do-Eun Lee for helping me find answers. She is very kind while remaining direct. She also helped me find ways to use less synthetic medications, I feel much more comfortable and my symptoms have lessened with my more natural approach.”


“I've seen Dr Lee for a few years now after struggling for years with other doctors. Dr. Lee cares deeply for people and is one of the few endocrinologists out there that seems to really listens to patients. If you have struggled with getting an appointment with her, consider the fact how difficult it can be to find a good Doctor in today's healthcare system. They are a small practice with high demand. Endocrinology is not a quick fix practice and if you are looking for that then you might not have the patience to do what is necessary for her to help you. Be patient and take the time to work with her in your long-term health. Personally I would give Dr. Lee 10 Stars if I could.. Her support helped turn around my life from a path towards Type 2 Diabetes, and probably divorce, to being an active healthy father and having the energy to foster even greater success in my career”